Extracted from curiosity

What do you do when the world is in lockdown, when you can’t travel to customers or visit trade fairs? Then there’s time to kill, right? At Ruitenberg BasIQs we spent the spare time well, using it to do some soul searching. Why soul searching? We wanted to find out what motivates us, why we do things the way we do them and for whom. A little self-reflection never made anyone worse, so we went for it.

Big questions

What are our core values? What kind of people do we have on our team? What kind of customers do we have? What are they looking for, now and in the future? What is expected of us and what do we expect of ourselves? Pretty big questions! So, we took a closer look at ourselves together with external professionals. An interesting and inspiring process! As we progressed, puzzle pieces fell into place and the big picture became clear.

Leading to the big picture

It has become the starting point for our new logo, slogan ‘Extracted from curiosity’ and a new website. Because if one word typifies our team, it is curiosity. We are curious about the known and the unknown. Soul searching turned out to be a hit. We now offer customers more freedom of choice, summarized in three forms of collaboration: Easy efficiency, Dedicated support and Co-creative teamwork.

Easy Efficiency

Easy efficiency It means that you can count on the indispensable basis for your daily business operations. We supply you with high-quality ingredients that suit your production process, just in time and in the desired quantity. Our sales manager and our customer service team are standby to answer all your questions.

Dedicated Support

For dedicated support we take it a step further, meaning our R&D team is always there to support you. Need to optimize your product? Are you running into a problem in the production process? No problem, we got your back! At Ruitenberg BasIQs, dedicated support is a collective name for customized services that add value in every step of your process, from concept to shelf.

Co-creative Teamwork

In this form of partnership we work together with you, at your location or in our Tech Center. Together with our R&D experts, you turn dreams and ideas into feasible concepts, innovative products based on (un)known ingredient applications.

Passion, creativity and knowledge

Anyone who gets acquainted with Ruitenberg BasIQs meets a team of 12 personalities, each with their own qualities, peculiarities and a good dose of curiosity. Are you as curious as we are? Use this link to see us shine!

Are we proud? Yes, we are! The soul searching was a success! When people visit our Tech Center in Twello, we share our passion, ideas and knowledge. And it’s really cool that we now can communicate passion, creativity and knowledge through our website as well.

Mayke de Bruin, Food Innovator at Ruitenberg BasIQs


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