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Rudin® Black Liquid

Activated carbon (carbo medicinalis vegetabilis) can be used in many applications in various industries. Rudin® Black Liquid is a product of the carbonisation and activation of pure oak wood. As processing activated carbon comes with extreme dust, we have developed a dust-free powder and a liquid version, the Rudin® Black Liquid. They are easy to incorporate in existing production methods and prevent contamination of the production area.

Variety of applications

Our Rudin® Black Liquid products is used in a variety of food and pharmaceutical applications.

Four distinctive characteristics of our Rudin® Black Liquid

  • Rudin® Black Liquid has an authentic black colour.
  • Rudin® Black Liquid can be declared as a colouring agent: E153.
  • Rudin® Black Liquid is a 25% liquid suspension with a high colour intensity.
  • Rudin® Black Liquid has a long shelf life due to low water activity value.

How our Rudin® Black Liquid can improve your process

  • Rudin® Black Liquid can be used to obtain long term colour stability.
  • Rudin® Black Liquid has a high colouring intensity at a low dosage level.
  • Rudin® Black Liquid complies with EU directive 95/45/EC.
  • Rudin® Black Liquid is easy to apply because of low viscosity.
  • In addition, we have a passionate team of application technologists and innovators stand-by to support you in tailoring your recipe without downtime in your production.

Standard and supplementary advantages

All our ingredients come standard with Easy Efficiency, supplemented with Dedicated Support and/or Co-creative Teamwork.

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