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Easy Efficiency

to optimise your production process

Outperforming your daily business starts with high-quality ingredients, optimised for your production process and ready-to-use. At Ruitenberg BasIQs we call it easy efficiency, as the basic conditions that enhance your effectiveness are anchored in our standards.

High-quality ingredients

Every process, every product is as good as the high-quality ingredients it starts with. Our carefully selected and professionally processed ingredients add unique value to your products and processes. That’s efficiency and excellence teaming up for the best result.

Fast delivery

Your production process is basically a finetuned chain of well-balanced activities. If one link in this chain fails, your whole production line falls flat. For a smooth and stable production process you can count on the fast and guaranteed delivery services of Ruitenberg BasIQs.

Guaranteed supply

For decades, Ruitenberg BasIQs has been bringing raw materials to the Netherlands from all over the world. Thanks to this experience, we manage every step of their complex supply chains. We know when to expect shortages of raw materials due to climate or political changes. In addition, we keep substantial stocks, so that you are always assured of supplies in times of scarcity or economic instability.

Optimised for your process

Every production process is unique, so is yours. This means Ruitenberg BasIQs does not only supply you with first class ingredients; we also optimise every batch for your production process. Take for example our dust-free powders, preventing respiratory irritations in the production area. Or our liquid versions of ingredients, easy to apply. Have you implemented any changes in your process? Then we will quickly adapt!

Quality control

Maintaining the highest level of control while processing our ingredients is crucial for a smooth and stable production process. At every stage of your R&D and operational processes Ruitenberg BasIQs can support you in QA/QC. Our QC staff is responsible for specific quality analyses, often developed in-house. Take for example our specific analytical method for Ochratoxin A (OTA), developed in our own laboratory, authorized as an (eco) method. We have contracted ISO 17025:2005 certified laboratories to carry out the more standard analyses and those required by law.

Quality assurance

Our QA staff does the validation and hazard analysis of raw materials (based on the Risk Plaza database). They oversee legislation, specifications, questionnaires, customer requests, hygiene checks, certification, training and audits. Ruitenberg BasIQs is FSSC 22000 certified (Lloyd’s Register) for all production locations. In addition, for some of our ingredients we can supply an Organic Certificate (SKAL) or halal and kosher alternatives. You can find and download our latest certifcates on our quality documents page.

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