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BasIQs Gummy Blend

The vegan movement and the price fluctuations of gelatin make ‘gelatin substitution’ a hot topic. Moreover, we see an increasing use of plant-based ingredients.

Gelatin-inspired textures with plant-based ingredients

Substituting gelatin is one of the most daring challenges, especially if you want to maintain the widely appreciated gummy texture. To tackle this challenge, we developed a unique plant-based blend, perfectly suited for gummy applications.

Full or partial substitution

You can use this blend as a fully functional gelling agent for your gummies. Do you only want to replace part of the gelatin? You can easily combine gelatin with the BasIQs Gummy Blend.

Perfect gelling blend for the production of transparent vegan gummies

Four characteristics of our BasIQs Gummy Blend

  • Perfect gelling blend in the production of transparent vegan gummies
  • A unique blend with the very best properties, created by combining the best gelatin-substitution solutions of different suppliers
  • Good processability during cooking and depositing, the blend remains thin in the cooking process
  • Unique in mouthfeel, texture and flavour
A passionate team of application technologists, ready to innovate, develop and support

How BasIQs Gummy Blend can improve your process

  • BasIQs Gummy Blend has a stable price.
  • BasIQs Gummy Blend comes with technical knowhow to support you in developing your characteristic texture while substituting gelatin.
  • In addition, our R&D facilities can mirror your production facilities. This means that our application technologists can test your recipe/application under your conditions, without downtime in your production.
  • In addition, we have a passionate team of application technologists and innovators stand-by to support you in tailoring BasIQs Gummy Blend to new gummy applications.

Standard and supplementary advantages

All our ingredients come standard with Easy Efficiency, supplemented with Dedicated Support and/or Co-creative Teamwork.

R&D facilities that can mirror your production facilities
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