Ruitenberg BasIQs B.V. (EN)

Co-creative teamwork

to share the spirit of innovation

Developing truly innovative products is so much easier and more fun in cooperation with a creative ingredient partner. In the Ruitenberg BasIQs Tech Center we have all the ingredients to feed your curiosity, think and work out of the box, co-creating as a team of enthusiastic R&D experts.

Our Tech Center

At Ruitenberg BasIQs everything starts with an inspiring idea, often a completely unresearched challenge. The ideal feeding ground for new discoveries is our well-equipped Tech Center. So, let’s join forces and co-create!

Co-creative prototypes

The result of a creative cooperation between you and our dedicated team is a tangible and well-developed prototype of your initial idea. Ready for production and promotion. At Ruitenberg BasIQs we like to think of innovative teamwork as the fuel for successful business moves.

R&D outsourcing facilities

R&D is the absolute backbone of innovation. However, setting up and maintaining your own R&D facilities can be a costly venture. The efficient alternative? Please feel welcome at Ruitenberg BasIQs for your research activities.

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