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Dedicated Support

to develop unique characteristics

Being the first choice on the shelf results from a continuous process of optimising recipes, tweaking functionalities and creating new applications that meet consumer preferences. At Ruitenberg BasIQs dedicated support is a collective name for tailor-made services that add value in every step of this process, from concept to shelf.

Tailor-made batches & premixes

For Ruitenberg BasIQs every customer is unique. Your needs and preferences are food for our creative thoughts and dedicated support. Your recipe is our ultimate benchmark. Every ingredient must add value. Resulting in tailor-made batches and premixes that meet your specifications for a 100% or more.

Supply chain management

Stockkeeping is essential to guarantee your required production levels. However, logistically it can be time- and resource-consuming. That’s where Ruitenberg BasIQs lends you a lean hand by keeping ready-to-use ingredients and premixes in stock for you. We believe in a 100% transparent supply chain. That’s why we can produce detailed facts regarding the origins, storage, and transport of our ingredients.

Legislative advice

Our clients apply our ingredients in many countries and in many lines of businesses. However, local laws regarding transport and application of our ingredients may differ. To comply with regulatory rules for your business and products, we are happy to help you out with legislative advice.

Application support

A correct application of our high-quality ingredients is important for reaching the best results in your production process. Any questions you may have regarding applications are answered swiftly and sufficiently by our dedicated application technologists.

Creative inspiration

Looking for inspiration to develop new products based upon innovative applications? Up for ideas to expand your product range with line extensions? You are more than welcome in the Ruitenberg BasIQs Tech Center for creative workshops and open-minded brainstorm sessions. We are happy to share our vision on future food trends, indulgence concepts and sustainable processing. Meet us and recharge your innovative batteries!

Innovative prototypes

It is our curiosity that constantly challenges our creative minds to discover new ingredients and applications. The results of our out-of-the-box explorations are innovative prototypes that we love to present to existing and potential clients. They are a good start for co-creative teamwork sessions.

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