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BasIQs Powder Coating

Want to bring your products to the next level of food experience? With our BasIQs Powder Coating, you are able to upgrade your products with colorful and very tasteful powders to create a multisensorial food experience for your consumer. Give your products an extra twist.


Innovate on different levels


As an innovative key player, Ruitenberg BasIQs is witnessing a significant change in the confectionery industry. As a candy producer, you have to be flexible and follow the needs of your consumer. With our BasIQs Powder Coating we give you the possibility to innovate on food experience, reduction of single wrapped packaging, efficiency and sugar reduction. Based on our experience in powder technology, we developed a range of stable, colorful and tasty coatings. Fruit flavored coatings as well as surprising spiced coatings.

BasIQs Powder coating possibilities

  • Easy way to upgrade the total food experience of your products
  • Provides an instant stable color, and taste
  • Easy to create new taste combinations and multisensorial experiences
  • It gives the possibility to reduce single wrapped packaging
  • Our BasIQs Powder Coatings are dust-free
  • Sugar free or sugar reduced coatings are available

What can we do for you?

  • Stable shelf life for your coated candies
  • Customized Powder Coatings, to make your unique coated candy
  • Our Tech Center mirrors your production facilities. This means our Application Technologists can test your recipe/application under your conditions without downtime in your process
  • A passionate team that’s ready to innovate, develop and support.

Standard and supplementary advantages

All our ingredients come standard with Easy Efficiency, supplemented with Dedicated Support and/or Co-creative Teamwork.

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