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Liquorice Powders and Blends

Ruitenberg BasIQs is expert in liquorice ingredients. Our liquorice powders are spray-dried, concentrated water extracts of the liquorice root. We use a unique method to produce easy-to-use, dust-free liquorice powders and powder blends.

Variety of applications

Our liquorice powders can be used in a variety of applications in the food industry (for example in confectionery, bakery, beverages, snacks, seasonings and marinades), pharmaceutical industry as well as a single ingredient.

Five distinctive characteristics of our liquorice powders

  • Heat-treated, dust-free and easy to dissolve.
  • A strict selection ensures the right quantity of glycyrrhizin and a low ochratoxin A content.
  • Easy to combine with other dry or liquid ingredients.
  • Liquorice powder blends, composed of different origins, guarantee a very consistent taste and quality.
  • Also available with an Organic origin certificate.

How our liquorice powder and powder blends can improve your process

  • Our powders are easy to handle throughout the process: no dust or hygroscopic problems and easy soluble.
  • The flowability properties can be adjusted on request.
  • Pre-blends tailored to your recipes and production processes guarantee a consistent quality of your products.
  • Batch size and packing can be tailored on request.
  • In addition, we have a passionate team of application technologists and innovators stand-by to support you in tailoring blends to new applications.

Standard and supplementary advantages

All our ingredients come standard with Easy Efficiency, supplemented with Dedicated Support and/or Co-creative Teamwork.

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