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BasIQs Extrusion Blend

Create your unique extruded candy. Our BasIQs Extrusion Blend and our expertise gives you the opportunity to create and customize your own unique and stable extrusion product.


Responding to conscious consumers

As an innovative key player, Ruitenberg BasIQs is witnessing a significant change in the confectionery industry. More and more people are consciously consuming candy. To respond to this, we offer new possibilities for extruded candy by partly or fully replacing wheat flour.

Development possibilities BasIQs Extrusion Blend

• Soft bite texture
• Gluten free
• Sugar reduction
• Sugar free
• Plant-based
• Suitable to be a stable carrier for using:
Upcycled ingredients
Fruits and vegetables
Popular ingredients: oats, rye, tapioca, anti-oxidants and vitamins
• Many more

What can we do for you?

  • Easy processing, suitable for regular production processes.
  • Stable shelf life for your extruded product.
  • Our Tech Center mirrors your production facilities. This means our Application Technologists can test your recipe/application under your conditions without downtime in your process.
  • A passionate team that’s ready to innovate, develop and support.

Standard and supplementary advantages

All our ingredients come standard with Easy Efficiency, supplemented with Dedicated Support and/or Co-creative Teamwork.

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