Feel free to ask

Do you have a question? Then you can always call us for advice. Do we have the answer? That depends on the subject, even though we have some very wise people working for us. Are you looking into plant-based candy? Then make sure to call or email because we know all about that. We have developed a whole series of plant-based structure makers, especially for poured or extruded candy. And, nice to know, they are also gluten-free.

Happy to be your sparring partner

In order to answer your application questions, we first look at the production process and the ingredients that go with it. We can then test the application in the desired recipe. This is possible in our Tech Center or on location, on the relevant production line. Together we look at the desired structure of the candy. Do you want a short and soft bite or more bounciness and a firm structure? And that’s just the beginning of our well-intentioned meddling.

Taste, look and feel are everything

When it comes to candy, we are happy to give advice about the different flavour releases in combination with different texture makers. And last but not least: the looks. We think along with you in the correct use of colourings and how to prevent sweating when temperatures are rising outside. Do you want to combine an extra taste experience with a luxurious look? We love to inspire you with our powder coating ideas and solutions!

So far, so good, what next?

The tests have the desired result, consumers appreciate the newly developed sweets, the specifications have been approved and you have been given a green light. Then our customer service team gets to work to arrange the required ingredients, tailored to the production capacity and the desired stock management.

Fits like a glove

Such a co-creative collaboration suits us perfectly. We share our knowledge with enthusiasm so that we come up with unique concepts together. Should a life question come to mind during the collaboration, we promise you that you will receive an honest answer.

Mayke de Bruin, Food Innovator at Ruitenberg BasIQs


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