We are beg-ice-stert

It is warm outside and the best thing you can do for work is tasting ice cream. And not just any ice cream. Special ice cream with extraordinary sauces and special inclusions. The ice cream, sauces and inclusions have been developed in such a way that they provide a wonderful experience in terms of taste and structure. An extra tasty ice cream, of high quality, which you can enjoy to the fullest. We often use summer as an excuse to eat more ice cream. But if we’re honest, eating ice cream is delicious all year round.

Developing ice cream concepts

There is an ice cream machine at the bakery department of our sister company. When you enter their working habitat while ice cream is being made, you can see that all their theoretical knowledge is converted into practical passion to develop beautiful new concepts.Conversations that you can hear:  ‘What a special structure this is.’ ‘Still a bit too grainy.’ ‘But I do have an idea for that.’ ‘Wow, what a crispy inclusion.’ ‘Yes, the grease coating which is used seems to work well.’ ‘The way we’ve made ice cream, will make the production process much easier.’ ‘The stability of this swirl could be better, but the taste profile is on point!’

Hands-on mentality

Our colleagues are busy diving in this ice cream world, and the world of ice cream is therefore at our feet. We know some stuff about ice cream, and we don’t know stuff about ice cream. That’s a point of view we have to share. Because we are learning. And learning is an interesting process. It consists of a lot of experimenting, rolling up your sleeves and just doing it. Failed tests, successful tests, follow-up tests. All to better understand the world of ice cream and where our opportunities lie. Would you like to experiment with us during our ice cream trip? Or do you have ‘cool’ ideas? We are open to collaborations and would love to talk to you.

Combining knowledge

The team that experiments with ice cream is multidisciplinary in terms of product knowledge. In recent years we have built up a lot of knowledge in the field of sweet pastry products, all kinds of confectionery, fillings in snacks and savoury bakery products. This ingredient and additional process knowledge is very useful. This means a lot of cross-fertilization and many different perspectives when a new direction is needed in the process of learning and developing ice cream concepts.

Always ice cream o’clock

Meanwhile, everyone within the company thinks this is a wonderful project. There is of course plenty to taste, because we are testing, testing and testing. And throwing ice cream away would be a shame. Whether it’s raining sunbeams or raindrops, we have to taste all of it. Interested in tasting some of our (very tasty) concepts? You’re welcome!

Mayke de Bruin, Food Innovator at Ruitenberg BasIQs


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